UPDATE 4/13/2013 - 4/25/2013: MUNNY ADOPTION! I sent TWO new Munnys to this year's Record Exchange Annual Munny Auction! They are the very best of friends -- an odd couple if you will!! They are being auctioned off with 50% of the proceeds going to Go Listen Boise! These Morbidly Adorable Munnys are dreamily sculpted and magically painted as one of a kind pieces -- all done by me! Click here to see more pictures, and get details on how to adopt them from my journal: http://gossamerfaery.livejournal.com/2013/04/12/ or go straight to the Record Exchange page and place your bid: http://therecordexchange.com/munnyauction!

UPDATE 3/6/2013: Site Update Underway! I'll be updating the website! I'll also be opening the Dark Little Dearies section. If you can't find something on my website, please contact me to Adopt some Minions!

UPDATE 2/26/2013: The Morbidly Adorable Mementos Column is now available online in one convenient place! CLICK HERE to read the Morbidly Adorable Mementos articles!

UPDATE 12/24/2012: I AM TAKING COMMISSIONS AGAIN!! After a multi-year hiatus on custom work, I am taking painting, sculpture, and Munny Doll commissions! Click here for details and pricing!

UPDATE 12/14/2012: New Original One of a Kind Skelly Sculptures available! Click here for availability and purchasing details: http://www.mistybenson.com/SkelptureGallery.html

UPDATE 12/14/2012: Giant Posters, Greeting Cards, iPad & iPhone Cases, Necklaces, Aprons, T-Shirts!

UPDATE 12/14/2012: Cross-Stitch Patterns at Misty Dreamz! For more details CLICK HERE!!

UPDATE 12/14/2012: STICKERS Available!! CLICK HERE!

UPDATE 2/14/2012: ORIGINAL PAINTINGS: You can get original artwork straight from my website! CLICK HERE!!

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