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Once there were two souls, "Ti Bon Anj"* and "Gwo Bon Anj". Ti Bon Anj, or the Little Angel, was free to travel to her next destination after she left the body. Gwo Bon Anj, or the Big Angel, was condemned to wander without rest. Although the Little Angel had been freed from this plane, she choses to remain and guard her vulnerable, restless twin until she is able to find a resting place for the Big Angel. I met them one night. I watched as the the two tiny spirits rode their tricycles under a street lamp. I hope you will grant them safe passage.

*In Creole, "Ti Bon Anj" means "Little Good Angel" or "Lesser Soul" and "Gwo Bon Anj" means "Big Good Angel" or "Greater Soul". The belief in the Greater and Lesser Souls having different paths is from Voudon.

"Dark Sisters #1" is a fine art print photofinished on premium quality photo paper. It is an open edition print from my original painting. The copyright text shown on the image is for internet purposes only. The copyright text is NOT on the print.

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